Oakville Nissan is excited to announce we are now offering the Genuine Nissan Synthetic Oil Change for just $59.99!  We help customers throughout Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, and Mississauga and all across Ontario. Visit Oakville Nissan today and enjoy the benefits of Nissan Grade full synthetic oil change.

The Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Traditional oils contain impurities such as sulfur and hydrocarbons that can wear down your vehicle over time. Synthetic oils are specially refined, distilled and purified in order to work more effectively inside the engine, ensuring your vehicle lasts longer.

Because the synthetic oil refinement process is so intricate, more impurities are removed from the oil over time than with traditional oil. Not only does this means your vehicle runs cleaner and is more environmentally friendly, the overall performance of your vehicle is significantly improved.

Using synthetic oil in your vehicle can also improve fuel economy. Traditional mineral oils are thick and take time to move throughout the engine. Thanks to the refinement procedure, synthetic oils are lighter, quick and far more efficient. This saves you a lot of money on fuel costs over time.

Nissan Synthetic Oil Change for $59.99

Oakville Nissan wants you to enjoy the benefits that come with having synthetic refined oil in your vehicle. Right now for only $59.99, we will include the OW-20 Nissan Synthetic Oil in your next oil change and give your vehicle the tools it needs to work at its best! If you have questions about this promotion call +1 (905) 827-1178 or book your appointment today!